MegaChess 38 Inch Premium Perfect Light-Up Giant Chess Set with Day Time Pieces

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Color: Red/Blue/Black
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  • PERFECT COMBINATION OF BEAUTY, DURABILITY & NIGHT TIME FUN These revolutionary giant chess pieces are made from a rotational molding process that allows each chess piece to be fully formed into a single piece of plastic with a stunning level of detail, beauty and durability. Made from a strong Polyethylene Resin, these are the most durable giant chess pieces made. Extra strong UV-4 protected against fading. Stain-resistant additive to protect your giant chess set and keep it beautiful.
  • YOUR CHOICE OF LIGHT COLORS It includes 32 white pieces with LED Lights. With this set, you can choose either red, blue, green or white lights to power your white side at night. Each of the white pieces contains and LED Cartridge with 1 3-watt LED light, a 9v battery, and an on/off switch. Long-lasting 9-volt batteries have glowed brightly for more than 72 hours of continuous use.
  • COMMERCIAL OR RESIDENTIAL: This king-size yard chess set can be displayed anywhere - big open floors, backyards, parties, campgrounds, shopping malls, schools, university and corporate campuses, cruise ships, local parks, museums - for groups of people to enjoy the complex and entertaining strategy implementation in a game of chess. Chess can become a communal experience and bring together family and friends when played out in the open on a lifesize set.
  • NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED Each giant chess piece is formed into a single, stable chess piece. There is no need to add weight to the set to keep them stable even on the windiest days. The chess pieces range in height from a 26-inch-tall king to a 12 inch tall pawn. Similar to a traditional chess set, this giant chess sets bases are proportionate to the pieces height. Chess board sold separately.
  • MEGACHESS QUALITY: Each MegaChess item is meticulously handcrafted by artisans to ensure it maintains its appearance and integrity in all weather conditions and with long-term frequent use. We have been in the business of manufacturing large chess and checkers sets, boards, mats, and other accessories using the highest quality standards since 2002.


MegaChess 38 Inch Perfect LED Giant Chess Set specifications
  • King 3 pieces with 2 LED insets 37.5" tall with 14.5" base 9 lbs
  • Queen 3 pieces with 2 LED insets 31" tall with 12.75" base 8.7 lbs
  • Bishop 6 pieces with 4 LED insets 27.5" tall with 11.25" base 6.7 lbs
  • Knight 6 pieces with 4 LED insets 23" tall with 11.75" base 6.9 lbs
  • Rook 6 pieces with 4 LED insets 20.5" tall with 12.25" base 6.9 lbs
  • Pawn 24 pieces with 16 LED insets 16" tall with 9.25" base" 4.1 lbs


For more than 10 years, MegaChess has manufactured and sold durable plastic giant chess sets and stunningly beautiful fiberglass chess set. With the new 38-inch tall Plastic Giant Chess Set, we've combined the beauty of our fiberglass set and the durability of our plastic sets. No longer is it necessary to choose between beauty and durability.
Whether you are having fun in your back yard, at a wedding event, pub, winery, chess club, hotel, resort, campground, shopping mall, school, university, corporate campus, cruise ship, local park, museum and more, the MegaChess 38 Inch Giant Plastic Chess Set is the perfect combination of price and durability. The plastic MegaChess pieces are made of indestructible polyethylene (LLDPE) plastic. These chess pieces are rugged, waterproof, UV-resistant injection-molded, hollow plastic.

We have these sets in the heat of the Middle East, the humidity of the Far East, the cold of the Rocky Mountains and the salty air, sun and sand of the beaches of Southern California and Florida.
Shipping Information
  • This product ships on a pallet by ground freight
  • Pallet #1 48 x 40 x 56 300 lbs
  • Pallet #2 48 x 40 x 56 300 lbs

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