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Industry Buyers Guide to Giant Chess Sets and Giant Games

GiantChessUSA serves a diverse group of customers from a wide variety of industries. We have highlighted a number of groups who have a strong connection to GiantChessUSA, sometimes in ways they may not know.

For each of those industries, we've highlighted specific reasons companies similar to them purchase Chess Sets from GiantChessUSA. Because we are big believers in building MegaChess communities, you will often read of programs we have designed particularly for your needs and interests.

You can also view our informative Chess Park Design Guide. It contains many useful tips as you think through all the elements of your chess board and the surrounding area.

Click on the industry that best describes you, and let us answer the question, "What's in it for me?"

Let us show you how GiantChessUSA can help you choose the right Giant Chess Set for your needs!