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  • Lincoln Faces a Chess Problem Poster
  • Poster is 18" Wide by 24" Tall
  • Suitable for Framing
  • Gloss Finish
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    President Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) played chess. One of his chess sets is displayed in the Smithsonian. He did play an occasional game at the White House. One time he was playing chess with Judge Samuel Hubbel Treat, a close friend since the days they were admitted to practice law in Illinois on the same day. Lincoln's wife sent their son, Tad (Thomas), to say dinner was ready. When his father continued with his chess game, Tad went over to the game and kicked the chess board off the table. The judge was speechless, but Lincoln said mildly, "Come, Tad," and they walked away together to have dinner. Lincoln bought a chess set for his son Tad, which is on display at the National Museum of American History. Historians refer to this as an example of Lincoln's calm approach to dealing with a crisis, a trait that would serve him well during the Civil War. MegaChess commissioned renowned historical researcher and painter Maria Radnoti to look into the details and to paint the result, which is the poster.

    Specifications for the MegaChess Lincoln Faces a Chess Problem Poster

    Poster - 1 pieces - 18" Wide by 24" Tall - 6 oz.

    Total 1 pieces - weight 6 oz.

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    Poster - 1 pieces - 18" Wide by 24" Tall - 6 oz.

    Total 1 pieces - weight 6 oz.